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Press Release: Governor Hochul Expands High Speed Electric Vehicle Charging to Downtown Albany

November 1, 2023

New Fast Chargers Expand Statewide Network into New York State’s Capital, Adding Convenience for Commuters, Apartment Dwellers, Taxis and Rideshare Operators, Event-Goers, and Travelers

Latest Completed Install Encourages EV Adoption and Supports State Climate Act Goal to Reduce Carbon Emissions 85 Percent by 2050

Governor Kathy Hochul today announced the installation of the first fast chargers for electric vehicles in downtown Albany. The charging hub in the Quackenbush public parking garage extends the New York Power Authority’s EVolve NY high-speed network into New York State’s capital city and adds a resource for EV owners. The partnership with the Albany Parking Authority brings four chargers improving the city’s infrastructure to support more carbon-free transportation and help the State reach its nation-leading climate goals.

“New York State is adding convenient fast charging in its cities and along rural highways to truly prepare for a transportation future where electric vehicles are the norm,” Governor Hochul said. “Bringing fast chargers to the center of our capital city sets a trend for urban planners and makes it easier for city dwellers to enjoy the benefits of zero-emission travel. Fast and convenient charging will make our cities more accessible and environmentally friendly.”

Investing in downtown infrastructure supports the state’s transition to zero-emission vehicles by 2035 and furthers New York’s Climate Act, which establishes bold targets for decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. 

The new Evolve NY hub in Albany is part of New York State’s effort to eliminate “fast charging deserts” and encourage the development of public charging infrastructure that is available to all New Yorkers and out-of-state visitors. The New York Power Authority (NYPA) maintains the largest open-access high-speed charging network in New York State with nearly 150 charging ports at 38 sites along statewide major travel corridors, helping ensure that EV drivers in New York do not have to worry about running out of charge. 

The city-owned Quackenbush garage, at 25 Orange St., was selected as an Evolve NY site because of its proximity to the New York Thruway and its urban setting, which offers nearby amenities to drivers and convenience for apartment dwellers, hotel guests and other residents who may not have their own charging facilities. National Grid, the local utility, was able to add the charging capacity.

The garage has 879 parking spaces including 13 total EV charging spots and is convenient to Quackenbush Square and many of the city’s premiere shopping, dining and historic sites. In addition to the 4 new fast charging spots, nine of the chargers are Level 2, operated by the Albany Parking Authority and located on the garage’s second level. Drivers are required to pay a parking fee to enter the garage.

Fast charging is growing within cities as many EV drivers do not have their own parking spaces and places to charge. Chargers often tend to be placed along highways and considered resources to facilitate long-distance road trips. However, they can also serve as an alternative to slower Level 2 charging or for drivers who do not have reliable access to charging.

Evolve NY Direct Current Fast Chargers can charge most of the battery capacity in any make or model of EV in as little as 20 minutes. The Quackenbush hub, on the Electrify America network, is equipped with one combined charging system (CCS) charger rated at up to 350 kW and three chargers rated at up to 150kW. Two of them offer the CHAdeMO connector and there’s a CCS-to-Tesla adapter that NYPA installed for Tesla owners. This particular hub is one of several EVolve NY sites to have incorporated the built-in adapter. See how to use the new adapter here.

Today’s announcement expands on the existing EV charging infrastructure in Albany. Two years ago, the Albany Parking Authority joined the Power Authority and the City of Albany officials to unveil 11 new Level 2 charging stations in all three Albany Parking Authority garages downtown – the Riverfront, Green-Hudson and Quackenbush garages. Last year, the Albany Parking Authority installed new parking meters across the city that are partially powered using solar energy. Also, the Albany Authority invested in energy efficient LED lighting in their parking garages and will be implementing more changes to offset the capital city’s carbon footprint.

New York Power Authority President and CEO Justin E. Driscoll said, “The Power Authority is building a convenient, easy-to-use fast charging network in all corners of the state to make it increasingly easier for New Yorkers and travelers to get where they are going in an EV. High-speed public charging infrastructure in the places we visit, recreate and work make it as convenient to drive an EV as a gas-powered car. Hubs in larger cities, like Albany, serve those with limited home charging, add options for EV-driving city visitors and inspire more New Yorkers to drive EV.”

State Senator Neil D. Breslin said, “Electric vehicles will play an integral role in our transition to a green economy, and today’s installation of the first fast chargers in downtown Albany brings us one step closer to achieving a fully electrified transportation sector. I applaud the New York Power Authority for its cutting-edge investments in green infrastructure in the Capital Region and across New York.”

Assemblymember John T. McDonald III said
, “Investments in our electric vehicle charging infrastructure are crucial to meeting our clean energy goals. As interest in electric vehicles continues to grow it is important to reduce hesitation or anxiety by having ample EV supply resources in place which is the intent of these programs we support. Thank you to the City of Albany and the New York Power Authority for continuing to prioritize projects like this one.”

Assemblymember Patricia Fahy said, “Reducing range anxiety is one of the most effective ways we can encourage ownership of electric vehicles and fast-track the electrification of our transportation sector. If we’re going to meet New York’s nation-leading climate mandates, electrification of the transportation sector, which accounts for a almost a third of our carbon emissions, is paramount, and that includes growing the number of personal electric vehicles on our roads. I commend the Albany Parking Authority and NYPA for partnering together to ensure that Albany residents and visitors alike have access to a new Evolve NY Hub and the latest in EV-charging technology.”

Albany County Executive Daniel P. McCoy said, “Albany County is working hard to be the greenest county in the country and one way to do this is to reduce our carbon footprint with electric vehicles. This can’t happen unless we have more fast charging stations for drivers and the EVolve NY hubs are making this happen. Thank you Governor Hochul and NYPA for moving us one step closer to achieving our goal.”

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said, “The addition of more electric vehicle chargers – especially the first fast chargers in downtown Albany – builds upon the momentum we have in the City of Albany towards a more sustainable future. I am excited to expand access and encourage more people to choose electric knowing they have the ability to charge on the go. Thank you to Governor Hochul, the Albany Parking Authority and the New York Power Authority for their continued partnership in realizing this milestone.”

Executive Director of Albany Parking Authority Matthew Peter said, “The Albany Parking Authority is thrilled to join in announcing the completed installation of the first DC Fast EV Chargers in downtown Albany, located at the Quackenbush Garage. As more and more electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles hit the road, the need for quick, efficient places to charge continues to rise and the Parking Authority is committed to help meet this increasing demand. After just a few weeks of operation, these four new charging stations have already been met with an overwhelmingly positive response from both our local community and out of town drivers visiting the City of Albany. Thank you to the New York Power Authority and City of Albany for your partnership toward a more sustainable future.”

Electrify America President and CEO Robert Barrosa said, “Electrify America and the New York Power Authority’s continued collaboration is making fast and convenient electric vehicle charging infrastructure a reality in New York. In our shared mission to electrify transportation, Electrify America is pleased to support NYPA in meeting the increasing customer need for charging solutions in Albany and throughout New York state.” 

PlugIn Online President John Doran said, “PlugIn Stations Online is proud to have facilitated the installation and commissioning of the charging site at Albany’s Quackenbush parking garage. This site, located in the heart of Albany New York’s downtown area, fills an important gap in the charging network here in the Upstate area. The PISO team continues to support both the New York Power Authority and Electrify America in their efforts to bring fast, reliable charging to both the state and the nation.”

Regional Representative of National Grid Brian Sano said, “Adoption of electric vehicles requires the support and leadership of organizations like the New York Power Authority and forward-thinking leaders like Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan to make more charging options available at more locations. National Grid is excited to be part of projects like this, where we can provide significant funding to increase charger availability and move forward with increased electrification efforts across New York state.”

EVolve NY DC Fast Charger Ribbon Cutting at the Quackenbush Garage in Albany New York

New York’s EV Charging Infrastructure Investment

New York is investing more than $1 billion in zero emissions vehicles over the next five years and adopting clean car and clean truck regulations that require 100 percent ZEV passenger car and light-duty truck sales by 2035. Active light-duty vehicle initiatives include zero-emission vehicle purchase rebates through the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Drive Clean Rebate Program, zero-emission vehicle and charging infrastructure grants through DEC’s Climate Smart Communities Municipal Grant Program, as well as the “EV Make Ready” initiative, NYPA’s EVolve NY charging infrastructure program, NYSERDA’s Charge Ready 2.0 for Level 2 charging infrastructure, and Department of Transportation’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) charging infrastructure program to help expand electric vehicle use.

New York State hosts almost 1,300 public fast chargers at more than 300 locations, according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy Alternative Fuels Data Center, although they range in speed from 25kW to 350kW which equates to varying charging times. Almost 800 are Tesla-only chargers.

EV owners can locate public chargers using smartphone apps such as Shell RechargeElectrify AmericaPlugShareChargeHubChargeWayEV Connect,ChargePoint,EVGo, Google Maps, or the U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels Data Center. For a map showing EVolve NY chargers, click here. Note that the EVolve chargers operate on the Electrify America and Shell Recharge networks. Credit cards are accepted to charge; no subscription or membership needed.

New York State’s Nation-Leading Climate Plan

New York State’s nation-leading climate agenda calls for an orderly and just transition that creates family-sustaining jobs, continues to foster a green economy across all sectors and ensures that at least 35 percent, with a goal of 40 percent, of the benefits of clean energy investments are directed to disadvantaged communities. Guided by some of the nation’s most aggressive climate and clean energy initiatives, New York is on a path to achieving a zero-emission electricity sector by 2040, including 70 percent renewable energy generation by 2030, and economywide carbon neutrality by mid-century. A cornerstone of this transition is New York’s unprecedented clean energy investments, including more than $55 billion in 145 large-scale renewable and transmission projects across the state, $6.8 billion to reduce building emissions, $3.3 billion to scale up solar, more than $1 billion for clean transportation initiatives, and over $2 billion in NY Green Bank commitments. These and other investments are supporting more than 165,000 jobs in New York’s clean energy sector in 2021 and over 3,000 percent growth in the distributed solar sector since 2011. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, New York also adopted zero-emission vehicle regulations, including requiring all new passenger cars and light-duty trucks sold in the State be zero emission by 2035. Partnerships are continuing to advance New York’s climate action with nearly 400 registered and more than 100 certified Climate Smart Communities, nearly 500 Clean Energy Communities, and the State’s largest community air monitoring initiative in 10 disadvantaged communities across the state to help target air pollution and combat climate change.

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