Monthly Parking

Parking Credentials

Account Access

To Access an Existing Monthly Parking Account, Please Use the Links Below:

Have Monthly Parking at a Garage Location: Login to Your Account Here

Have Monthly Parking at a Lot Location: Login to Your Account Here

Account Access

AVI Tags (Individual & Residential Pass Accounts)

An AVI Tag is a small sticker that can be affixed to the windshield of a monthly parker’s vehicle, below the rearview mirror. Once properly placed the garage’s entry/exit system will read the AVI tag as the passholder approaches the garage’s gate, automatically granting them access to their chosen monthly parking location.

One AVI Tag will be issued at no additional cost to Individual & Residential Pass Holders at the time of their initial Monthly Pass activation.

Please Note: Only one AVI Tag can be assigned to Individual & Residential Pass account at a time, if an additional Parking Credential is needed, Individual & Residential Pass accounts may purchase a Proximity Card.

Additional/replacement AVI Tags may be purchased for $15.00.

Account Access

Proximity Cards (Corporate Pass Accounts)

The Proximity Card is a hard plastic card, approximately the size of a credit card, that grants a monthly pass holder access to their assigned parking location. To enter/exit their monthly parking location, the pass holder will need to tap their Proximity Card against the labeled sensor on the kiosk at the garage’s entrance/exit.

One Proximity Card will be issued at no additional cost for each Corporate Account pass holder at the time of their initial Monthly Pass activation. Additional/replacement Proximity Cards may be purchased for $15.00.

Account Access

ParkWhiz Mobile App

The ParkWhiz mobile app allows Monthly Parking Pass holders to enter/exit their monthly parking location right from their mobile phone by using the QR scan code or via Bluetooth with the Slide to Open Gate button inside the app.

How to set up the app:

  • Make sure the phone you are downloading the app to has the same phone number that is registered to your ParkAlbany monthly pass account.
  • Download the ParkWhiz app to your Mobile Phone by scanning the below QR Code.
  • Once the App is downloaded, scan the below QR Code or click the link below on your phone to verify your Monthly Parking account.

Verify Your Monthly Parking Account Through Your Phone

  • The ParkWhiz app will now open to the monthly parker home screen
  • Complete the app verification steps and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Once your phone has been verified, your monthly parking access will be available through the ParkWhiz app home screen.

Account Access

Virtual Lot Permit

Monthly parking within ParkAlbany’s Central Avenue Parking Lots and the Quackenbush Lot is managed through a virtual parking permit system. This system allows the Albany Parking Authority to scan the license plates of vehicles parked in these locations and confirm if a vehicle is registered to an active monthly parking permit account for that location account. To access an active Monthly Lot Parking Permit account, Click Here.  

Only one registered vehicle per active monthly subscription is allowed to be parked at an accounts parking location at a time. Any additional vehicles in excess to the number of active monthly subscription on an account that are parked at a parking location at the same time will be issued a parking violation.

Any vehicles which are parked at the Central Avenue Parking Lots and/or the Quackenbush Lot and are not registered to an active monthly parking permit account or that have not paid for an hourly parking session at the onsite meter or through the ParkAlbany App will be issued a parking violation.

Please note that all lot spaces are unreserved, and the sale of a Lot Permit does not, at any time, guarantee the holder an available parking space.