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Press Release: Albany Parking Authority Unveils Two New Capital Walls Murals at the Quackenbush Garage

November 21, 2023

ALBANY, NY – The Albany Parking Authority, along with their partners at the Albany Center Galley and the Albany Barn, are proud to unveil two new additions to the Capital Walls public art series. The latest murals, entitled “Explore” by Ramiro Davaro-Comas and Upstate Albany Portrait Landscape” by Greg Dunn, were funded by the Parking Authority and are located on the North side of their Quackenbush Garage, adjacent to the Albany Skyway and Quackenbush Square.

The first of the two new murals, Explore” is located on both the exterior and interior of the Quackenbush Garage, wrapping through the facility’s new Montgomery Street entrance into the vehicle parking area.  The mural is highlighted by the bright floral shapes that entangle the words “EXPLORE” and “EXPERIENCE DOWNTOWN”.

The second mural at the Quackenbush Garage, “Upstate Albany Portrait Landscape” highlights many of Albany’s iconic landmarks such as the Palace Theatre, Empire State Plaza, the Governor’s Mansion, and Nipper in the artist’s one-of-a-kind style, creating the perfect backdrop of all things Albany.

The installation of these two unique works of art was completed over the course of a week and has brought the total number of Capital Walls murals in Downtown Albany to twenty, a dozen of which are located at the Albany Parking Authority’s two Quackenbush Square adjacent parking locations. Since 2016, the Capital Walls program has been a driver for tourism and economic development within the City of Albany by providing artists with the unique opportunity to transform often overlooked areas of the city into more vibrant, walkable spaces with their art.   

“We at the Albany Parking Authority are excited to continue our investment in public art and place making throughout the City of Albany. With the completion of two new Capital Walls Murals from artists Greg Dunn and Ramiro Davaro-Comas, the Parking Authority has now had the privilege of bringing 15 unique murals to areas at and around our downtown parking facilities. Investments in public art and beautification are key to creating vibrant, walkable cities. I am excited to see the on-going residential resurgence and economic growth in the Downtown Albany area, spurred in part by public investments like Capital Walls, the Skyway, the Quackenbush Square renovation, and the upcoming Clinton Market Collective,” said Matthew Peter, Executive Director of the Albany Parking Authority.

“Closing 2023 with our 21st and 22nd Capital Walls murals are a great way to end the mural season. From a single idea to seeing them in real life, these pieces inspire people to explore and reimagine Albany and the area around us. We have seen the impact art and artists can have on the community and these murals will further move the conversation along on how public art can make a difference and transform spaces by sharing stories and creative visions. It is remarkable to see the progress Capital Walls has made over the past 7 years and I am excited to see the continued growth to give artists more opportunities and make art more accessible,”said Tony Iadicicco, Albany Center Gallery Executive Director and Capital Walls Curator

“Every opportunity for a new Capital Walls mural is an exciting one, but TWO murals in one month? That’s icing on the cake.  We’re grateful to be teaming up yet again with our friends at the Albany Parking Authority, as well as for the chance to welcome Greg and Ramiro into the Capital Walls team,” said Casey V. Polomaine, Executive Director, Albany Barn, Inc. 

“This collaboration between the Albany Center Gallery, Albany Barn, Albany Parking Authority, and me is meant to inspire the community to seek out all the amazing places to visit and things to do in Albany. From the parks to the restaurants to the skateparks and beyond, I wanted to paint a mural that gave the impression of words searching for the next adventure through a colorful field of flora. I love to use plants in these word-based murals, particularly in places like this garage that are solid and concrete, because it reminds people of one of the best things that our world has to offer: Nature!” said artist Ramiro Davaro-Comas

“I wanted to add vibrant colors to this wall in Albany with the hope to maybe brighten up someone’s day as they get out of work or if they are on their way to work. It’s always nice to have something new and different to look at especially since I’ve always lived around the area. Growing up in Altamont, NY, I would enjoy collecting old boom boxes and would skate around Albany when it used to be nothing but gray concrete walls. I enjoy bringing back these elements from growing up in the 70s and 80s into my creative pieces. For the mural, I wanted something that was compact but also allowed for Albany to be represented in different ways. This mural hopefully shows my energy and love for Albany and the community,” said artist Greg Dunn

“The new public art that has taken shape throughout ParkAlbany’s garages and lots not only spurs additional creativity and an opportunity to collaborate with our local artists, but invigorates our historic architecture and makes Albany’s newest neighborhood a vibrant hub of connectivity that attracts new residents, visitors, and businesses alike. None of these new murals would be possible without partnerships, and I commend organizations like the ParkAlbany, Albany Center Gallery, and The Barn for highlighting the importance of public art and being committed to fostering an environment to help create more of it in the years to come,” said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan

“We are thrilled to be celebrating two additions to the Capital Walls portfolio. Adjacent to the Albany Skyway, recently renovated Quackenbush Square, and forthcoming Clinton Market Collective, one of Downtown’s most utilized entrances has quickly become more than just a gateway; it’s an invitation to explore. Public art is just one of the many ways that Downtown is Albany to the core, and we are grateful to artists Ramino Davaro-Comas and Greg Dunn for their work, and to the Capital Walls partners for their continued investment in our District,” said Georgette Steffens, Executive Director, Downtown BID

“We are thrilled to see the continued addition of murals throughout Albany County, and especially right here in Quackenbush Square where we welcome visitors from around the world and provide them with information to explore Albany. Kudos to the Albany Parking Authority for leading the charge and working with Albany Center Gallery and the Albany Barn to bring these to fruition,” said Jill Delaney, President & CEO, Discover Albany.

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