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ParkAlbany Transitioning to Digital Validation

September 3, 2023

Beginning on Monday, October 2nd 2023, the Albany Parking Authority / ParkAlbany will discontinue the distribution of Validation Stickers and transition to the use of both Digital Validation and On-Entry Validation Codes.

Below are details on how both Digital Validation and On-Entry Validation Codes work.

Digital Validation:

Active ParkAlbany Validation accounts are now able to validate parking for their customers and clients directly from the FLASH Valet website or Mobile app.

  • When arriving at a ParkAlbany parking garage, parkers will either insert a credit card or pull a ticket from the entry gate kiosk to enter the parking garage. If they pulled a ticket from the gate kiosk, they must bring that ticket to the business they are visiting.
  • When leaving the business, the parker will present their ParkAlbany garage ticket to the appropriate staff member at that business to have their parking validated.
  • The business’ staff member will then use their online ParkAlbany Validation Parking Account Portal – FLASH Valet or the FLASH Valet Mobile app to validate their customer’s parking.
  • In FLASH Valet, the business’ staff member will use the 8-digit number of the customer’s ParkAlbany garage ticket or the last four digits of the credit card the customer used at the entry gate kiosk of the parking garage to validate their parking session.
  • Once the parking session has been validated, the parker will have a 15-minute window to return to their vehicle and exit the parking garage before they may incur additional parking costs not covered by the validation.
  • When exiting the garage, the parker will insert the credit card they used to enter the garage or scan their validated garage ticket at the exit gate kiosk to leave the parking garage.
  • Please note that Digital Validation cannot be used when an On-Entry Event Rate is in effect at a ParkAlbany Garage.
  • If an On-Entry Event Rate is in effect at a ParkAlbany Garage, businesses may provide their customers with a Validation Code that they can use at the entry gate kiosk when they arrive a ParkAlbany Garage.

On-Entry Validation Code:

Active ParkAlbany Validation Accounts will be issued an account-specific On-Entry Validation Code which a parker can use at an entry gate kiosk of a ParkAlbany garage. On-Entry Validation Codes can be used when an On-Entry Event Rate is in effect at a ParkAlbany Garage.

  • On-Entry Validation Codes must be provided by a business to their parker prior to them parking at a ParkAlbany garage, and the parker must use the code at the entry gate kiosk when entering the garage.
  • On-Entry Validation Codes cannot be used when a parker is exiting a ParkAlbany parking garage. If a parker does not use the On-Entry Validation Code when entering the garage, the parker will be required to pay for the cost of their parking session when exiting the garage or when an On-Entry Event Rate is in effect, upon entering. These costs cannot be refunded.
  • When a business provides a parker with an On-Entry Validation Code and that code is used by the parker upon entering a ParkAlbany garage, there are no additional steps the business will need to take to validate that parker’s parking session.

On-Entry Event Rates:

  • On-Entry Event Rates are primarily used when there is an event at the MVP Arena, Palace Theatre, Empire Live, Jennings Landing or there is a Downtown Albany event that will need to utilize a ParkAlbany parking facility.
  • On-Entry Event Rates are put into effect at least 2 hours before doors open/start of an event or on weekdays starting at 5:00pm, however there may be exceptions. Event parking details can be seen by event at:

If you have question about your validation parking at ParkAlbany garages, please feel free to contact our customer service department at: [email protected]