Please be aware that on January 3rd, 2022, a .05 cent per-hour rate increase will go into effect for all on-street parking meters, this will be the first meter rate increase issued by the Albany Parking Authority in over 5 years. For hourly meter pricing and details by zone visit:

Please note that the hourly rates at the Albany Parking Authority’s 7 Central Avenue Parking Lots and 3 Downtown Garages have not changed. For additional details on these off-street parking locations visit:




Please be Aware: Parking Lot 2 located at 72 Central Ave. (Between Central Ave. & Western Ave.) is currently closed due to an ongoing maintenance issue with an adjacent building. We anticipate this parking location reopening on 12/08/2021.

Please be aware of the following Parking Restrictions and Road Closures related to the City of Albany’s Veterans Day Parade, taking place on Thursday, November 11th, 2021.


On Saturday, October 30h 2021 the Albany Parking Authority will be performing a power washing of the Green-Hudson Garage.

Beginning on Monday, August 16th until Thursday, August 19th there will be a number of limited time Parking Restrictions and Road Closures in effect within the City of Albany due to an HBO Film Production taking place.

Details about the dates and streets that will be affected by these parking restrictions can be found below: