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New On-Entry Validation Parking at ParkAlbany Garages

March 7, 2023

Entry Validation Codes are a new “validation” parking option that can be used by a business with a ParkAlbany Validation Account to grant their customers “validated” parking access to a ParkAlbany parking garage when an On-Entry Event Parking Rate is in effect.

When an On-Entry Event Parking Rate is in effect, standard validation stickers, which are issued to a parker by a business after they enter the garage, cannot be used to cover the costs of parking because the parker would have already paid the event parking rate to access the garage.

To overcome this issue, ParkAlbany has introduced a new On-Entry Validation Code system which will allow businesses with a ParkAlbany validation account to provide their customers with a numerical code that they can use at an in-lane garage kiosk before they enter the garage. This code will allow the business customer to enter the garage without being charged the Event Parking Rate.

Please note that if a vehicle parks at a ParkAlbany garage while an On-Entry Event Parking Rate is in effect and pays the event rate when entering instead of using an On-Entry Validation Code, that vehicle’s parking slip cannot be validated by a business, and the cost of the event parking rate cannot be reversed.

How to use a ParkAlbany On-Entry Validation Code:

If you have been provided with an On-Entry Validation Code for a ParkAlbany parking garage by a business, you will need to enter that code on the in-lane kiosk located on the driver’s side at the vehicle entrance of the parking garage:

1.First, press “Other Access Options” which is located on the lower left side corners of the kiosk touch screen.

2. Next, press “I Have an Access Code” which is located in the center of the kiosk touch screen.

3. Now, using the on-screen number pad, enter the “Validation Code” and then press the “Go” button located in the lower right corner of the kiosk screen.

4. Once your “Validation Code” has been accepted, the kiosk will print a Garage Parking Ticket and the garage entrance gate will open.

Be sure to take the Garage Parking Ticket with you, as it will need to be scanned at the in-lane kiosk when leaving in order to raise the garage gate.

If you have any questions about parking at a ParkAlbany location, please contact us directly at [email protected]or call 518-434-8886.