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New EV-Charging Locations Announced by the Albany Parking Authority and the City of Albany

April 19, 2021



Thefirst publicly operated direct current fast chargers (DCFC)in The City of Albanymade possible by a partnership with the New York Power Authority

The City of Albany’s eight chargers are made possible by a partnership with NYSERDA and National Grid

ALBANY- The Albany Parking Authority and the City of Albany, through a partnership with the New York Power Authority (NYPA), announced the addition of five new electric vehicle DC Fast Chargers across two new locations. The chargers will be located in the Quackenbush Parking Lot and Lot 3 located at 327 Washington Ave and are part of the Power Authority’s statewide EVolve NY fast charging network. The new stations will expand the Albany Parking Authority’s EV charger footprint by adding to the existing 11 stations with 19 ports across three locations. The City of Albany through partnerships with NYPA, NYSERDA and National Grid will be adding an additional eight chargers to be located in various city-controlled lots. These additions mark a significant increase to the total number of electric vehicle chargers in the City of Albany.

“The Albany Parking Authority remains committed to developing innovative solutions to support a more sustainable future for our community. We are excited to bring the first publicly operated DC Fast chargers to the City of Albany, providing the community with greater access to EV charges within the city. The addition of these new chargers is a continuation of our ongoing sustainability efforts which included the previous installation of charging stations throughout our garages over the past few years. The Parking Authority will continue to work with our partners to ensure parking methods and solutions are in line with sustainability efforts as we continue to create a greener path towards the future,” said Matthew Peter, Executive Director, Albany Parking Authority.

The introduction of state-of-the-art EV technology builds upon the Albany Parking Authority’s commitment to innovative and environmentally conscious solutions that work towards New York State achieving its clean energy goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector.

The addition of these five DC Fast Chargers across these two parking locations will help to better support drivers who have chosen zero emission vehicles. These EV chargers will further help offset the Albany Parking Authority’s carbon footprint and follow other green initiatives such as the installation of parking meters across the city that are partially powered using solar energy, energy efficient LED lighting in their parking garages and the continued planting of new trees and greenery around their many parking locations.

“The addition of more electric vehicle chargers builds upon the momentum we have in the City of Albany towards a more sustainable future. I am excited to expand access and encourage more people to choose electric knowing they have the ability to charge on the go. Thank you to the Albany Parking Authority and the New York Power Authority for their continued partnership in realizing this milestone,” said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

The City of Albany will also be introducing eight new electric vehicle chargers across various city-owned parking lots. These new EV chargers will be dual-port Level 2 chargers. The combined effort between the Albany Parking Authority and the City of Albany, through the partnership with NYSERDA and National Grid, broadens the accessibility of EV chargers in the City of Albany to encourage residents and visitors to reduce their carbon footprint.

“The New York Power Authority is pleased to be working with the Parking Authority and City to make Albany an even more EV friendly city. These fast chargers are a key segment of NYPA’s EVolve NY cross-state network and will help make owning an EV an easier choice for city residents, commuters and visitors. Electrifying the transportation sector will significantly reduce carbon pollutants and help New York State reach its clean energy goals,” said John Markowitz, Director eMobility Technology & Engineering, New York Power Authority.

The Power Authority is managing the DC Fast Charging project and will own and operate the units as part of its branded EVolve NY network, expected to install 150 high speed charging stations throughout the state by the end of the year. DCFC stations, which can add hundreds of miles of range in as little as 20 minutes, are critical to New York’s transition to zero emission vehicles. They provide key infrastructure along travel corridors for long trips as well as a critical resource in urban environments for visitors, electric rideshare operators, and city residents who may not have access to charging at home or work. Public charging ensures that any New Yorker can more feasibly choose an electric vehicle.

“A more sustainable future is within our grasp, but immediate action is necessary. The continued investment by the City of Albany, Albany Parking Authority, and New York Power Authority is the type of progress we need from our local communities. I am excited to support them on their path towards a more environmentally conscious future,” said Assemblymember Patricia Fahy.

“The future of our infrastructure is advancing in the right direction towards sustainability. With the introduction of these electric vehicle chargers, we are echoing the needs of a greener City of Albany and are encouraging future partnerships that support this initiative. With the help of public and private partners, I look forward to providing residents and commuters with access to environmentally conscious alternatives that will keep them moving forward,” said Assemblymember John McDonald

“We are transforming our city to better support residents and visitors as we look to fight climate change. The addition of the electric vehicle chargers announced today is an exciting next step for the City of Albany and I cannot be more proud. I look forward to continuing to work alongside our partnerships to continue our efforts toward sustainability,” said Jason West, Energy Manager, City of Albany

“The City of Albany has been a long-time partner of National Grid and we are pleased to add them to the growing list of upstate New York municipalities that are expanding access to electric vehicle chargers. New York has an ambitious energy policy and National Grid is doing our part to support that policy by aggressively working to increase the number of EV charging stations and plugs across the state. National Grid will target charging stations for municipalities, workplaces, retail locations, and multi-unit dwellings, as well as fleet electrifications for large companies. We have set a goal of installing 16,000 electric vehicle plugs in New York by 2025 and the City of Albany is helping us reach that goal,” said Laurie Poltynski, New York Regional Director, National Grid.


About the Albany Parking Authority  

The Albany Parking Authority’s mission is to provide secure, convenient and affordable parking in support of economic development in the City of Albany. The Albany Parking Authority manages more than 5,000 parking spaces to serve those that live, work or visit New York’s Capital. The Authority was established in 1983 and is authorized to construct, operate and maintain city public parking facilities. The Authority receives no tax support or Federal, State, City or private grants .

Additional information on the Albany Parking Authority’s existing EV-charging locations can be found here.