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Entry System Upgrades Coming Soon To All ParkAlbany Garages

January 31, 2022

The Albany Parking Authority is pleased to announce that later this month we will begin upgrading all entrance and exit systems at the Green-Hudson, Riverfront, and Quackenbush Parking Garages.

As part of these upgrades, we will be installing all new entry and exit kiosks at each entrance gate. These new kiosks will feature a digital entry pass system that will replace the existing bar code passes that are currently used by Monthly Pass Holders.

Additionally, the license plate readers currently at our garage entrances will no longer be used for touchless entry and exiting. In their place, each Monthly Pass Holder will be issued an AVI tag that can be affixed to their vehicle’s windshield, allowing that vehicle touchless entry and exiting at the garages.

Over the coming weeks we will release additional details about when work at each parking location will begin, when passholders can pick up their new AVI tags and how they can set up their digital entry pass.

We are very excited for these upgrades and the improved parking experience they will provide. If you have any immediate questions, please contact our customer service team at: [email protected]